This is Karl Weiming Lu's art website to show his artist profile with his artworks and biography up to date. Currently, there are six pages of Karl Lu's artworks images under Photo Gallery section on this website, which will show the originality and unique style of Karl Weiming Lu's artworks since 2000, plus the evolution of Lu's art with his outstanding talent and solid skills over decades since 1980.
[Above Image]   Memory: Talking about Electra Complex ( Karl W. Lu Memory Series 1981 - 2002 - 2003 ),
The Memory Series were painted during 2002 - 2003 which positively [in terms of positivism] recalled the elite Chinese students movement in early 1980s China, which were based on Karl Lu's memory about a multidiscipline students' salon activities in Hangzhou, China, where Lu and his friends gathered regularly to talk about philosophy, philosophy of science, science, literature, psychology, political economics, history, art and architecture, and so on, such as: talking about Freud On Dreams, Electra Complex, Hegel's absolute idealism, Marxism, Zen / Chan of Daoism & Buddhism, Artificial Intelligence, Mondrian abstract art, Kafka's The Castle, Sartre's existentialism, etc ( One of Lu's best salon friends Shu-hong Zhu 朱书宏, who talked about psychology the most at the time was a psychology student of the Hangzhou University ( now merged into Zhejiang University ) , late, he also earned his M.Sc [psychology], Beijing University, Ph D. UCSD, and then, a Professor at the University of Califonia, San Diego )
[ Right Image ]     Memory: Talking about Kafka's The Castle (Memory Series 1981 - 2002 - 2003), which recalled a conversation between Karl Lu and his friend Cha Li 查立 in 1981, talking about Kafka's The Castle during a late evening or night walks in a West Lake Park in front of the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou. Cha Li late organized a significant "85 New Space Exhibition" with his friends of the China Academy of Art, and then went to UK and got a Master degree in media . He late moved to Silicon Valley, USA for years, and then returned China in mid 1990s, since then, he become a leading venture capitalist based in Shanghai.

You may contact the artist Karl W. Lu through his email:  kwlu8@hotmail.com

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Memory : Talking About Kafka's The Castle [ 1981 - 2002 - 2003]